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Zondra Barnes

     Buying a home is becoming more and more of a reality, with a splash of doubt.  I know because I have been there.  Thinking:

There is no way

I don't understand

I don't have enough money

I'll just keep renting

I don't want to do the yard

Let's take these fears one by one.

There is no way: 

The old saying knowledge is power is the key ingredient to home ownership.  There are some great option for home buying education.

Home buying Seminar through NACCA, NC Housing Finance, Talking to your lender etc.

One on one talking with me as your agent.

I don't understand:

My job as your agent will be to be your biggest cheerleader.  Myself and your lender are here to help answer any questions.  Our job is to make sure you understand the process completely.

I don't have enough money:

Yea who really does.  (LOL)  It is your lender who will work to connect you with the right loan program.  There are several down payment assistance programs that are out  here.  Ask your lender about what  down payment assistance program will work best for your.

I'll just keep renting:

Your rental payment goes to your landlord in helping him/her build their cash portfolio and receive tax breaks. 

I don't want a yard:

There a some beautiful gated and not gated condo communities that I would love to show.  Most communities have yard maintenance included.

Stay tuned to see what comes out of "YOUR HOME GENIE" lamp next.......

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