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Are you considering selling your home? There are many factors to take into consideration when selling. It is imperative to address any deferred maintenance, ensure that the home has inviting curb appeal and that the home makes an excellent first impression. Ensure that repairs have been made and do not stand out to someone who may be walking through your home. Photography is extremely important in today’s times as a buyer will view how the home presents online, and if it does not give a buyer the “wow” factor then they might just move on to the next home! Don’t fall into this trap! Take the time to ensure your home invites the buyers to come and view the home in person! A property has one chance to make a good first impression.

Ensuring that the home has inviting curb appeal is another factor when taking photos. Making sure that the landscaping has been addressed and adding season flowers will help to make the home to be more inviting.

Utilizing a professional photographer will certainly make a difference in the quality of the photos. Professional photographers tend to be able to see the shot, and generally will stage each shot to reduce clutter in each shot. Photographers may also offer other services such as aerial photography which is very beneficial when showing the location of the property and proximity of the lot to other features in the area. Twilight photography is another option and can showcase how the home looks during dusk in additional to photography during daylight.

Overall photos will make a difference in the time frame of selling a home. Being prepared is paramount and will ultimately result in inviting images that present well online.

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