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Dated: 06/28/2019

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 Well hello there!

Welcome to my first ever (and possibly horribly constructed) blog! I hope youll stick around though and continue reading because I promise you, I do have something worthwhile to share! And no, no its not some hippy dippy junk, but it does deal with plants...and eating them....in place of meat.  (*gasp* I know!)


(or I guess read me out lol) 

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My Broker in Charge likes to ask "Whats your why?" 

So, it might be a good idea for me to start off explaining my "why" for my plant based diet.  I wish I could say it was a selfless act when I cut out meat and dairy....but it wasnt at all. It was purely and selfishly for me and my health. It wasnt until a year in of eating that way did I finally delve into the animal aspect of it. Which was so strange, considering I was a vegitarian in highschool....so even though I wasnt consuming animals, I still was unaware of the idea of what happens to those animals before they get to ones plate. I mean I knew it all couldnt be good; thus why I believed eliminating it completely was a healthy decision, But I also didnt know just how bad it was either. So I guess you could say, I did it for my health...but the wellbeing of the animals is what ultimately cemented my decision. 


Now I dont think I need to go into detail about the harsh realities and sad truth of factory farming, ( lets keep this a positive post ) but I will suggest some informative documentaries that help shed light on the issue:

forks over knives 

what the health 



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So I know this way of eating isnt for everyone. I understand that, I really do. Trying to force a vegan/vegitarian diet on some people is like the equivalent to trying to put toothpaste back into the tube, its just not gonna work. Its kinda like how some people prefer warm weather, and others love the snow and cold. However, there is still a way you can make a difference to the animals, our planet and yourself. Because I mean, a difference is a difference...no matter how big or small, right?!

 Now to make this difference, we gotta compromise a little. 

Do you think you could swap out one meat based meal a day or week for a plant based alternative instead?! 

If so......

- It could cut your carbon and water footprint in half

-eating one plant based meal a day for a year could save almost 200,000 gallons of water.

-eating one plant based alternative everyday for a year could also reduce the pollution equivalent to about 3,000 miles driven in your car.

-also, if everyone in the U.S reduced their meat and dairy intake by 50 percent, it would be equal to taking 26 million cars off the road.

source: bluezones.com

Need some inspiration getting started?!

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this is my go to smoothie bowl 

(its not a fancy recipe, so pardon the lack of measurements. 

its a "do as much as you like, you cant go wrong" kinda thing)




nut butter 

a drizzle of maple syrup

a splash of plant milk (I like soy or oat milk) 

Blend it all together! 

top with:

flax seeds, chia seeds, toasted coconut, fresh blueberries

(or anything youd like!)

Some helpful plant protein options: 







 hemp seeds 

black beans

 green peas

  tofuImage title

Now go have a plant powered beautiful day!



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