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This is my first blog ever so here it goes.  I recently took my vehical to a mechanic for a minor problem, a day later they inform me that it is a major problem. This was just the beginning of my headache.  The little problem turned into my car  having to have the engine removed to fix the problem, which was supposed to be done in a few days. These few days turned into my car being there for over a week, and I kept being tolod that it would be done tomorrow and it never was done the next day. I finally got my car back and of course it was making a new sound, which ment I needed to take the car back. Oh and did I mention the shop that I had to take it to was 2 hours away. I took my car back and one of the new noises went away, but my car just doesnt feel the same since getting it back.  When speaking with another mechaninc they informed me that the work the first mechanic did should probably never have been done because it is a rare job to be done.  This problem has become a huge headache for me. Has anyone else ever had an experience like ths?

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