Closing Chaos

Dated: July 22 2019

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After going down a rabbit hole on reddit of closings that didn't end well, it dawned on me that the majority of people out there are completely unaware of what you shouldn't do when your in the midst of closing on a home. So I decided to do some research and compile a list of all the major no-no's one should be aware of: 

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  • do not touch your credit report. You could end up making a harmless inquiry that could delay your day of closing. So don't do it. Leave the credit stuff to the gurus at this time. 

  • do not establish new credit. I don't care what is being offered to you...shred it, delete it, don't look at it. It'll hurt you more than help you. 

  •  do not close any accounts. Even if the card has dust on it, cut the card up before you ever choose to close the account. 

  • do not increase credit limits. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... especially at closing time. 

  • do not make purchases with your credit card or put stuff on layaway. Need a new washer and dryer for that house your buying? wait until after closing is done! 

  • do not buy a car. I don't care how obvious this sounds to some.....some still need to hear it. and no, don't think  just because its not brand new, it'll slide. NO CARS. 

  • no new bills. We want NO NEW INQUIRIES. So don't seek out new stuff,  start preparing for that mortgage note and property taxes instead! 

  • do not pay bills late. Wanna see your credit score drop during house hunting? Start paying everything late! Or don't do that and get into the home of your dreams!

  • do not spend closing costs money. I know, I know....why am I even stating this?! because its been an issue for lenders before! So don't be the client that spends their down payment or closing costs on furniture for that new home you now cant even obtain. 

now go forth with these tips and happy closing :) 

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